The Central Role of Education in the Millennium Development Goals

2010 MDG Summit High-level Round-table
22 September, 2010, United Nations, New York

The set of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) formulated in 2000 with targets for 2015 crystallized the growing consensus which emerged during the 1990s, namely, that poverty reduction and the provision of basic social services need to be at the centre of development policy.
Of the eight MDGs, two are directly related to education systems:

  • MDG 2 calls for the achievement of universal primary education by 2015 whereby every child will complete a full course of primary education.
  • MDG 3 calls for the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women with, specifically, the elimination of gender disparities at primary and secondary school levels by 2005 and across all education levels by 2015.

The remaining MDGs focus on other interrelated development areas that are greatly influenced by the progress made
towards MDGs 2 and 3.

Save the Children, UNICEF, UNESCO and the Government of Qatar Published in September 2010 Graphic design by UNESCO

Save the Children, UNICEF, UNESCO, Government of Qatar. September 2010