The Kom Experimental Mother Tongue Education Pilot Project Report for 2012

For five years, an experimental program in multilingual education has been functioning in Boyo Division in the North West Region of Cameroon. In this program, 12 experimental schools use the local language—Kom—as a medium of instruction in Classes 1-3. After Class 3, children in the experimental schools return to the standard practice of English-only instruction. The 12 experimental schools are matched with 12 comparison schools which
continue to use English as the language of instruction. At the end of year 5, standardized testing was once again completed for children in both comparison and experimental schools in Class 5. The findings are presented in the various sections of this report.

The first part of the report summarizes the findings from the first four years of the experimental project to provide the background needed to interpret the results seen in Class 5. Then the report takes a closer look at the results in Class 3—the final year of the experimental intervention, at Class 4, the first year after the end of the experimental intervention, and finally at Class 5 which is the focus of the assessment work done this year.

The final section of the report presents a series of suggestions for improving the quality of educational delivery in Boyo Division based on the evidence of the research done over the 5 year history of the project.

Stephen L. Walter and Kain Godfrey Chuo

Stephen L. Walter and Kain Godfrey Chuo