Education – a Way out of Poverty?

Research presentations at The POVERTY Conference 2001.

This volume gathers a selection of the papers presented at the Poverty Conference in October 2001 in Stockholm, and it is Sida’s hope that it will stimulate the discussion on the role of education for poverty reduction. Several papers (Daun, Hagberg, Widmark) discuss the relationship between education and identity and difficulties involved in adopting education to the needs of different populations in poor countries. Others (Coombe, Widmalm) analyse the role of education in social change, mainly by focusing on the role of governance. Dr Stromquist examines three different co-existing perspectives of the role of literacy for development, and Dr Benson studies the implications of use of mother tongue for girls’ school participation. Dr Tilak makes a brief review and compares the role of education in the human capital approach and the human development approach.

Together, these papers cover a broad spectrum of academic disciplines. Taking the risk of being too wide or too general, the aim of the Poverty Conference (as well as the aim of this volume) was precisely to stimulate researchers from different areas to reflect on education and development through poverty reduction.

Education - a Way out of Poverty

New Education Division Documents No. 12
Editor: Mia Melin
ISSN 0283-0566
Education Division at Sida, Department for Democracy and Social Development